The event is being made even more special due to the fact that one of the inductees, Joe Lewis from USA has recently been diagnosed with cancer and many thought he would not be well enough to attend. But like the true fighter he was and still is, Joe will indeed be attending the induction ceremony alongside the other 3 champions, some of whom he even shared the ring with from time to time.

The lesson would be that these four were pioneers in the sport, elevating from points karate through to the full-contact style we know now. Every kickboxer should know who the first Full-Contact Karate Champions were (back then the term kickboxing wasn't used) and where the origins of the sport/art they now practice originates from.

Good luck to Mr Emery for having the forsesight, wisdom (not forgetting the money) to bring together these living legends and we hope it turns out to be a special a night for all in attendance as it should be.

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